Dynamics NAV 2016 / 2017 - Integration with on premise installed third party software

Hi all,

we have in the company, 4 third party software, and now Navision 2009 R2 classic.

We want, or we must in the future, change to RTC with Dynamics NAV 2016 or 2017, and there is the opction (or recamendation) to go to the cloud. It seams that it it the future for all erp environments, like Microsoft says in many sites.

But our dude always is how to integrate with our other software that is in the company, like Plant Data Capture, or Lift Management.

What do you think is our best choice?



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    JumpingjfJumpingjf Member Posts: 5
    I think that the integration method are the same for cloud or onpremise. Microsoft says or recomends the cloud option because is the best for Microsoft but if you are in a industrial area with bad comunications net you must decide for onpremise installation.
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    Hi Jumpingjf, with Navision onpremise, a integration with shared files for example, is very very easy, but, I don't think this integration with the Navision on cloud is so easy.
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    JumpingjfJumpingjf Member Posts: 5
    Vamos a ver, en principio entiendo que da igual porque aunque estes en cloud tienes acceso a los archivos de tu pc. Tu puedes trabajar con la versión web y en principio tienes acceso a los datos en local. Sino puedes utilizar webservices

    Let's see, first of all I understand that it does not matter because although you are in cloud you have access to the files of your pc. You can work with the web version and in principle you have access to the data in local. You can use webservices
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    Ok Jumpingjf, thanks for your fast response.

    Buenas Jumpingjf.......tenemos bastantes integraciones, rápidas y de muchas interacciones, y entiendo que habrá que darles una vuelta.

    Queremos hacer pruebas en cómo sería en una versión en la nube, así saldremos de dudas.
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    JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    If you use IaaS and connect your virtual net with your on premise via vpn, it's all good. But with hosted solution you have to use webservice.
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