How do I filter on a post code

We have a shipping agent service cost table and each record has a FROM Post Code and a TO PostCode
For example

No FROM TO charge
1 AA01 AZ99 100
2 ZA01 ZA99 200

Now logically I know that if I pass a post code of AB9 then I want to return record 1 and the charge of 100. However, how do I do that within a filter ?
I know that the issue is the mixture of Text and Numbers in the code field. I don't know how to get round it....

Any help is gladly accepted



  • In your particular example you can just use
    Form Code <=AB9
    To Code >=AB9
  • HarikiranHarikiran Posts: 33
    You can use SetFilter and just use the condition what Remco mentioned. Are u aware? Setfilter can hold these type of strings to filter.
    Harikiran BM | Dynamics NAV technical consultant
  • lubostlubost Posts: 359
    ... and change field names, because you NAV can somewhere use "TO" as keyword.
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