Webservice Application opens a blank/clear window on every click

Maik_SwissMaik_Swiss Posts: 17Member
Hello Swarmknow,

Maybe someone can help us with a uncommon issue.
We run MS Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 with SQL and CC

Now we are trying to implement an web-service application.
In the webpage we have a link to orders, created in NAV.

The link works well, NAV opens and shows the correct order.

The problem we have, every browser (FF Chrome IE tested) opens a blank window for every click on the link.
I tried diff. settings in all three browsers to stop open new windows but without success.

Anybody have a clue how to solve this?

Thx in advance


I hope my English is good enough and you will see our problem. If you have any questions, i will try to answer asap.

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