Can you make NAV not ask for your password every time you open RTC with NAVUserPassword Authe

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Hi All,

I have a customer who is being deployed at the moment on a hybrid Azure VM using an Azure-SQL database. This means they need to use NAVUserPassword authentication in NAV. This has been set up and is working fine. However, with this setup , every time they open the RTC it prompts them to enter their Username and Password. There is a "Remember my Password" box that can be ticked, however when you tick this it seems to do nothing other than pre-populate the field with the password - you still have to enter "OK" each time.

They are getting a little annoyed by this, as their passwords will very rarely, if ever change. Do any of you know of any way that the client - once the password has been remembered can be made to just open - in a similar way to how it would with Windows Authentication? Obviously as this is Azure-SQL it does not support Windows Authentication, so my options are limited.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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    Nobody come across this before? I was really hoping there would be something we could do to automate the client opening - as this also requires multiple mouse clicks to switch companies as well :(
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    Thanks Poltergeist, I will bear that option in mind, appreciate the response :)
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