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We are in the middle of an upgrade from NAV2013 to NAV2017. Everything is going pretty well, not too many issues. The only problem we have is around permissions.

During the upgrade we moved from self hosted to amazon hosted servers. We had to recreate all our users meaning that they now have a different Windows SID to what they used to be.

The only thing we did is revalidate the Windows User Name on the card. For most users this has worked fine but for some users we get permissions issues.

For example:

One user reported a problem saying that she couldn't modify an item, she had the permission group 'INVT-ITEM/BOM, EDIT' which in our system has full permissions on the item table so she shouldn't have got an error.

I then deleted that group and re-added it after which point she could edit the item but she lost the ability to edit the "Item Unit of Measure" table which, for us, is in the same permission groups with full permissions assigned to it.

Now I was under the impression that the Windows SID is only used on the user table and every other user related table is linked by the "User Security ID" field.

Any ideas what could be causing the permission issues?



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  • RemcoRauschRemcoRausch Posts: 6
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    Thanks @aceX. It was actually related to the license type. Seems our version of NAV2013 didn't enforce license types and we have been getting away with having limited licenses for most of our users. The reason we didn't pick this up before is because in end user testing we'd reassign permissions and the users would then carry on from where they found the error and as they hadn't done anything else in their session it would allow them to carry on.

    Spent too much time figuring it out for what the solution was :-D. Thanks to our reseller for figuring it out!


  • RemcoRauschRemcoRausch Posts: 6Member

    Still stuck with this one so any help would be appreciated.

    We have even given the specific user 'SUPER' access and she still can't write to all tables.

    It seems that either permissions are cached somewhere or that her usersid/windowssid is somehow mixed up with other permissions.

    Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot would be appreciated.


  • aceXaceX Posts: 140Member
    Hi there @RemcoRausch, I think that your permission set INVT-ITEM/BOM, EDIT maybe it is manually edited. When permissions was assigned to the user, if the user required more permissions, maybe some of your team added couple object permission in the existing by the logic.
    My first suggestion is to try with comparing permission sets.
    When the user have SUPER permission set, but he still is not able to edit in some of the tables or codeunits, than you should check does your license allows you to use those objects. Try to edit them into DevEnv.
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