Dynamics NAV 2017 Web Client - service tier on a different server to IIS (External)

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Hi all, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I have setup the NAV web and mobile client and it works externally ok when the website is running on the same server as the NAV service tier. This is when using Windows under ClientServicesCredentialType.

I need to move the website to a different IIS server - this is where the confusion has started. As mentioned, the web client is available externally using HTTPS.

I installed the web client and changed the web.config and webapplication.config to point over to the internal server hosting the Dynamics NAV service. Firstly trying to use Windows authentication as before, when launching the web client on this server it asks for the login, starts to load the web client then errors out. Event logs point to the fact it cannot find the server hosting NAV.
From my understanding 'UserName' authentication needs to be used here, although this does the exact same thing unless you use Forms authentication in IIS.
When using Forms authentication, it results in some strange behaviour. It brings up the sign in page and after I login with my credentials, it proceeds to login as the user set to run the service tier (Default 'Network Service' if not changed). This happens regardless of which user logs in! This also confirms the servers are communicating also (No firewall blocking etc.)
EDIT: The Universal and mobile client works correctly, even when the web client still only signs in using the service tier user.

As mentioned previously, if I host the web client website on the same machine hosting the NAV service tier this works fine with Windows authentication externally - using localhost in the .config files.

Has anybody come across anything similar? This ones got me extremely confused and I'm most likely doing something silly.

Thanks in advance.


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