Changing font encoding in reports saved as PDF

KeptyKepty Member Posts: 54
Has anyone experiences with changing the font encoding in NAV reports saved as PDF with SAVEASPDF function?

When the PDF is saved, the file looks good, but the fonts are
- Arial CID Identity-H
- ArialMT Type 1 Ansi

And when the PDF file ïs process in external program, the special characters are broken... I tried almost everything, such as font embeding, changing font in report builder... We use NAV 2017, in previous version (NAV 2009 classic client) we used external .bat file to create PDF file with PDFMaker...

Tomáš Kapitán


  • KeptyKepty Member Posts: 54

    Tomáš Kapitán
  • xStepaxStepa Member Posts: 106
    what do you exactly mean with the "special characters"?
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