How to setup an approval workflow on invoice, expenses and purchase order in NAV 2016?

My client has a very secure system, where every E-Document either Sales , Purchase or Expense Booking, goes from a multiple lever of Approvals before they are released for final Stage of Posting. This client is Live using Dynamics Nav 2015 and now moving to 2016 version of Dynamics NAV. The functionality for Approvals mechanism is now changed and termed as Workflow in Dynamics NAV 2016, Is there any suggestions how can I replicate the same multiple level of Approvals using NAV 2016 Workflow Functionality for Sales, Purchase & Expense Vouchers without changing approval Setup?


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    the approval user setup is relatively untouched. The workflow controls who the approval is done by.
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    Microsoft has introduced a new Workflow functionality replacing the Classic Approval mechanism in the previous Navision versions.
    The new workflow functionality reduces the efforts in designing the Customized Code for various Workflow requirements by Clients such as Approval Mechanism. Here is the video which shows Sales Invoice, Expense Booking (Payment Journals) and Purchase Orders approval Workflows in dynamics NAV 2016. Video: Setup an approval workflow on invoice, expenses and purchase order in NAV 2016
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