Job No & Task No in sales order

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We have a requirement to enter a job no, and task line on a sales order. The fields are there but do not seem to work. I read somewhere that this had been disabled by Microsoft. Now, as I understand it there is no link between a sales order and a job so having this information on the sales order line should not be an issue.

We are looking to do this so we can gather additional sales values on jobs and tasks that are not consumed directly in the job.

I probably have not explained this very well but I think the key questions is would there be any issues if we modified the system to allow the entry of job and task info on the sales order line.




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    kalyankandimallakalyankandimalla Member Posts: 56

    There is a standard functionality of linking Job to sales using sales invoice. We have an option of creating Sales Invoice from Job, provided the Job planning Line is of type Contract.

    If you still want to customize the sales functionality and link that to job, then you can proceed with modifying the functionality, but we need to test the functionality end to end with correct postings.

    We should also cross check whether the changes should also effect Warehouse Shipments, Sales Prepayments and other functionality linked to Sales.

    Please check and let us know for any queries.
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