Foreign language characters in US HTML not rendered properly in NAV2016

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Hi all,

We have built an email engine that takes templates stored in HTML and uses the NAV SMTP codeunit (CU400) to build and send emails to customers. We have a large number of Spanish-speaking customers and send out emails written in Spanish.

The HTML templates are built by our marketing and accounting department users, using Microsoft Word and saving the templates as HTML.

I am having a problem with foreign language characters such as "accented" characters or the n with a "tilde" over the letter (I don't know how to type these characters in this forum message, so I've attached a file with an example.)

For example, instead of an an accented "o", the email message (or printout) will print an upper case "A" with a tilde over it followed by a 2 spaces. So the word "cordon" appears as "cordA n".

In NAV2009, the emails send and print with the proper rendering of the special characters - this is happening only in NAV2016.

So far, my only solution has been to bring up the HTML file in a text-based HTML editor and replace all accented "o" characters with the HTML equivalent of "ó". This of course is very cumbersome.

I haven't been able to find an HTML "WYSIWIG" editor that will allow me to make these changes easily - I have tried BlueGriffon, Kompozer and TinyMCE - they all have the issue of as soon as you open a file that has the HTML codes for foreign characters, it will replace those HTML codes with the character equivalents.

Has anyone had to deal with this issue in NAV2013-2016? Any solutions?

A document is attached with a more detailed example.


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