Setting up a Power BI in NAV 2015

Ravn2409Ravn2409 Member Posts: 1
Hello people,

We are currently looking into setting up a Power BI in NAV 2015. Since I'm not a big tech guy, I thought it would be a good idea to ask some of you guys, who might have a bit more experience with this.

First of all, I'm having some trouble figuring out what is the easiest and best way to connect Power BI to NAV 2015. Here I would like to hear what you guys recommend, since there isn't alot of information about this on the web - at least not about how to connect it with NAV 2015.

The other thing is that we would like to have relations in our reports so we can compare our current figures, monthly figures and year to date figures, with the same figures of last year - is that possible? If so, I would also like to hear a bit about how to do that.

I would appreciate any help or response!


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