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uri84uri84 Member Posts: 30

Somebody can give me a Hint of how can i Do to change dimensions of a registered inventory lines in NAV2015?

I'm looking some information but i'm not sure of how can i made this changes.

I know that i have to use the functions of CU 408

The steps i Think is...
Do a "repeat" in the movements i want to update in table 32 and get the actual dimensionset ID
After that i must use GetDimensionSetID function to get the new set dimension ID
and finally run UpdateGlobalDimFromDimSetID to update the dimensions of the movements...

is right??


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    DolshaDolsha Member Posts: 41
    check function CreateDimSetIDFromDimBuf of CU408.
    1. Create TEMPORARY "Dimension Buffer";
    2. Fill ur DimBuffer with needed dimensions;
    3. Use CU408.CreateDimSetIDFromDimBuf(ur dimbuffer);
    4. 32Table.DimSetID := result of function;
    5. 32Table.Modify.

    Try it =)
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    uri84uri84 Member Posts: 30
    it works! it seems... thanks! jajaja
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    DolshaDolsha Member Posts: 41
    u re welcome =)
    Mark my comment as answer.
    And change Categories to: NAV Three Tier
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