NAV 2016 Check layout with lines around the stub fields

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Has anyone developed, or found a third-party addon that has a check layout that includes vertical and horizontal lines around both stubs on the "Stub-Stub-Check" layout of the A/P check in 2016, 2016, 2014 or 2013? In 2009 Classic and earlier versions, there were a number of partners who built this.

One solution I know in 2009 Classic was to use the array that is used for the second stub and print that array twice and suppress all detail lines completely on the report - so each check page is a footer only. I'm thinking that the same thing could be done in the RDLC version - although I've never built an RDLC report with no detail lines and only a footer - I'm thinking there might be challenges in getting the footer to use the entire page height. I'll probably have to experiment on my own, but I thought I'd ask the question.



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