Could anyone tell me where is these variables come from?

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In C/AL editor
I go to 'Page' >> 'Page Action' and see these variables.
I'd like to create a new ones like this so l go to 'C/AL Globals' like l used to do with the report.
But as you see, there is nothing even I checked on all 3 tabs (Variables, Text Constants or Functions).
Clicking on variable just lead me to its source. I have no clue now.

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    PanJPanJ Member Posts: 34

    Did you ever clicked on the other menu 'C/AL Locals' ? Just under 'C/AL Globals'.

    The yellow popup shows you that it is a local variable of type Report and ID 50061. "InitRequest" is a function inside this report.

    This is for NAV 2017: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics-nav/newdev-get-started

    Best practice: don't use global variables if you don't have to.

    I found it!!

    it's my fault didn't notice that's local varible, not global.
    Thank you!
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