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i dont really know if anyone can help me but i have some difficulties with CRM. more specific, i made the Outlook -Navision integration, and i can send e-mails through Navision which are logged to the "Interaction Log Entries" field. However, if someone else sends me an e-mail (in Outlook) i dont know how to transfer it to Navision (to the "Interaction Log Entries" more specific). In other words, I can receive mails in Outlook, but i cannot see their entry in the Interaction Log in Navision.

If someone would help i would appreciate a lot...


  • bsmallwobsmallwo Member Posts: 2
    Can you try fwd the e-mail to yourself??

    Its just a thought, it would act as if its been sent, but could possibly log it against you.
  • Neha_MarwahaNeha_Marwaha Member Posts: 31

    If you send a mail through interaction wizard as an attachment it get logged in interaction log entry or mail through ur communication tab by using the mail icon it get logged in email logging.

    But if you send any mail through your outlook it will not get synchronized with navision.

    The basic functionality of navision-outlook integeration is that it can only synchronise contacts,meeting to dos and tasks you assigned to urself in navision and vice-versa.

    Neha Marwaha
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