Object Compatibility Between Cumulative Updates?

poddiepoddie Member Posts: 6
Is it ok to develop objects in a later CU than the client is running?

For example, if a client is running 2016 CU8, and my development server has 2016 CU14, can I develop objects on the development server and export them for use at the client? Do the objects formats change due to CUs?

If the answer is no, it seems that separate servers must be installed on the development server for each CU in use at a client. I am hoping that is not the case of course...

I would tend to think they might change, but only actually do between certain updates. If this is the case, where can I find a list of the updates that change the object file formats?



  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    No problem.
    You can even import fobs develop on 2013 into 2017.
    Only problem is if new system functions has been added.
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  • poddiepoddie Member Posts: 6
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    Hmmm... but I'm asking about importing fobs produced in LATER versions into an earlier one. For example, client is running 2016 CU8, and my development server has 2016 CU14. Can I import the CU14 object into CU8 without issues?

    (I understand the point that if I use a system function only available in CU14 it won't work of course.)

  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
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    It shouldnt be a problem.
    But there can be cases.

    Test and se.
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  • kalyankandimallakalyankandimalla Member Posts: 56

    There will be no problem. You can import the objects in lower build, but we need to consider few things:
    • If the change is standard NAV Object, merge of change, fix is required.
    • Importing the object directly in lower build will replace the functionality in those builds, also possible chances of getting compile issues.
    • Objects in Custom range or add-on range can be directly imported unless if you have not used any new functions, objects which are added in the higher build.
  • maheshroyal34maheshroyal34 Member Posts: 19

    There won't be any issue with updating the object in higher CU of Same version's(i.e.,NAV2016).

    but as best practice have a recheck either to import directly or to merge the changes.

    If the object is new one and does't not exits in old CU database you can import directly.

    But if it already exits in old CU , then is better to merge the changes rather than importing directly which avoids any missing code or function's
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