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I have a customer in NAV2015. I want to use the goodies of NAV2017: (better dev environment and events).
I want to do this because the customer currently has a lot of custom code and they still need a lot of custom code. Doing a full upgrade takes to much time and interferes with their need of having new developments on a weekly basis. So what I want to do is upgrade them to NAV2017 without upgrading the application code. Then I can finally start using events! So new developments will use events so that I don't change the standard NAV code and step by step I can update old developments to also use events.
After a few months their database will be 99% back to base Navision + Events and I can do an easy Application update.

Any thoughts? I guess it is not recommended to do a technical upgrade only?
Has anyone tried this?

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  • KraverKraver Member Posts: 17
    Thanks for the feedback, I've added your blog to my bookmarks :)
  • FiddiFiddi Member Posts: 46
    Sorry, but I think it's not a recomendet way to do only a technical Update from NAV 2016 to NAV 2017.
    You have to check first, if you use any external applications from NAV like Office. These libraries for that are somtimes changed between two builds in the same NAV- Version. So it's somtimes not possible to make a technical upgrade in the same NAV- Version.
    A sencond thing you have to check ist the SQL- Server- Version NAV 2017 requires minimum SQL 2012.
  • KraverKraver Member Posts: 17

    When i get a go to test this for my customer I will test the office integration and I will post my findings.
    SQL is 2014 so no problem there.
  • KraverKraver Member Posts: 17
    Works like a charm. I see no reason not to do a technical upgrade to 2017 if the customer is on 2013 or above.
  • FiddiFiddi Member Posts: 46
    Did a compile all work?
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