How to Post Production of items with several output Items (One to many)?

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Using NAV 2017 W1

wanted to ask of your suggestions regarding a situation when from one item several items are produced. I noticed that with 2013 some discussions regarding Disassembly orders came up - that might be something I'am looking for.
Our customer is in Fish industry and raw fish is registered in KG on an Item card, lets say Item A. Then when production finishes from this 1 KG of fish, several items are produced - Item B 0.3kg, Item C 0.15kg, Item D 0.4 KG and Item E - scrap or bones - 0.15kg. (totally around 15 other products are created)

I tried to create Families, but not quite sure how to post the consumption/output - as I'm not sure what item should be show in lines - do I have to manually create each line, as the refresh prod. order job doesn't create them (but shows error that Quantity must not be 0 in 1st line - although I have entered a number there)

Also tried creating a BOM for Item B, where I show that for 1KG of Item B - the components are 3.33 KG Item A, and negative quanity of the rest, - 0.5 Iitem C, -1.332 KG Item D and -0.5Item E. I think this might work with quanities, but I think will make problems with Unit cost.

Currently I'm trying to understand if this can be done with standart features or a little modification. After that I will have to check cost calculation - that if Raw fish is 1$/KG, then also the created component value is 1$/kg

I'm not tied to Production orders - also assembly orders can be used, or if it cannot be done through orders (or other documents where planning , then I guess only Production Journal remains and I have to think how to ease the process of creating lines.

Thank you guys in advance


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    Currently seems the only solution we have is to enter these material usages and outputs manually through Item Journal or Consumption/Outpu Journal. With some adjustments for cost calculation for the produced goods.
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