Available Instance Error for all of my 2015 databases

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I have done something, but i have no idea what that something is!

While in the Development environment for 2015 i will be working on something, click run, and have it give me the 'There are no available Instances' error. The server has nothing in Event Viewer, nor does the Client PC.

If i wait a second and try again, it will usually work. Sometimes i have to do something in the RTC, such as switch to a different page, and then run something from the IDE. i check File->Database->Instances and it will be blank, then show up when i close and open it again.

has anyone had this happen? i think it may have been since i installed 2017(which i've already uninstalled) but i cannot figure out what else to do. i'm trying to look through my registry to see if any of that has changed but it all looks to be correct. I've checked classes/DynamicsNAV keys and the ones located in CurrentUser/Software

Any suggestions??
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