NAV 2016 micr line alignment and spacing

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One client is going live within a week and we cannot get the micr line to a place the bank likes.

They are sending some kind of spec sheet (attached)btifbo12u8fs.png

They reference the separating characters being out of place and say they should begin at certain positions.

In Visual Studio Report Designer we don't have those positions or anything to use as a reference.

Has anyone else had issues with this or know of a solution to align this?

The RDLC in the clients older NAV database is correct but for some reason it's awry in the new one.

4+ hours later still making tiny micro adjustments to the check, now the report itself is printing off an extra page.

I'm printing off a check from NAV2016 and holding it up to the light behind a check from NAV 2009 just trying to match them. I don't know a better way..


printing from NAV the report is scaling weird and skewing the micr line.

saving to pdf and printing from that lines up correctly.

As far as I can tell the report properties within NAV when printing respects the RDLC properties unless something is changed from the dialog.

Now we're troubleshooting the printer itself and other printers. Any insight on micr alignment would be appreciated.


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    RSA_TechRSA_Tech Member Posts: 65
    Turns out the report is printing at a smaller scale from NAV than it does when saving to PDF.

    I don't see any scaling preferences set when I go to print from NAV but it's without a doubt smaller from the application than it is from PDF.

    More troubleshooting to come and I'll keep the post updated.
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