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Hi All,

I hope some1 can help with this:


I´m trying to do something like in the image. But the results I get by adding a second column in RDLC are far from that


It just fills column on the left first, then go to the right column.

Any ideas?

thanks a lot! ;)


At the end I solved like:

so you had to create a table, put a rectangle on it, work it all you need and set the margins as you see in the properties so it fits half of the paper each label so you get like:
1- 3
2 -4


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    LCostaLCosta Member Posts: 33
    Yes, that's the way to do it.
    I just call your attention to the option in the rectangle properties that says "Keep contents together on a single page, if possible", cause sometimes when ur printing in custom paper (like checks, for example) after the first page it can go out of place.
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