NAV 2016 Customer Statement Report ID 10072

RSA_TechRSA_Tech Member Posts: 65
One client is pushing towards their go live date.

Their Customer Statement Report ID 10072

displays The same Company name and Ship to address for every page while the line items change to reflect the different companies.

For example assume customer x, y and z

All three customer statement reports come out with customer x Bill to and Ship to addresses while the info below accurately reflects customer x on page one and y on page 2 with z on page 3.

When I go to the layout for the report and look at the expressions in the fields that are not changing with the customer they look something like this:

=First(Fields!VAR_BillToCompany.Value, "DataSet_Result")

So I think the problem is that it's only ever going to display the First customer's info there.

How does one make these field expressions reflect the right customer?

I'm watching some videos on Visual Studio Report Designer now to get up to speed.

I'm curious if all the customer statement reports out of the box for NAV 2016 are like this? If so, why?

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    RSA_TechRSA_Tech Member Posts: 65
    Looking at going the setdata-getdata route. Just trying to figure out what it entails. using a different report that already incluldes setdata-getdata expressions and code for assistance.

    Could you point me at any tutorials for adding this via visual studio report designer? Not sure if I'll need to change the way the dataset is generated or if it's purely a data presentation issue

    thanks for the response and tips!

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    davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,283
    setdata and getdata are custom code you add using the report properties code tab. You should be able to see how this is done in the invoice reports.
    Doing it from scratch, I recommend using group headers instead.
    With footers that have to appear at the bottom of the page, you either have to row count or use the page footer.
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