NAV 2016 Slow response time through VM

RSA_TechRSA_Tech Member Posts: 65
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Client using Horizon VPN and having a pretty real issue with response time.

Are there any NAV features or specifications that I could check on for them?

It seems like the issue has more to do with networking but I'm doing what I can.

I found one blog post mentioning bad performance with NAV 2016 when the SQL and Dynamics NAV server are on separate VM hosts. Looking further into getting them both on the same host.

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  • bbrownbbrown Member Posts: 3,268
    Same or different VM hosts should not make a bit of difference if your hosting environment is build properly and you have good local lan-speed bandwidth between those host. Now if you are talking different host across a slow connection, that is a different problem.

    Are you sure you are not simply dealing with a high-latency WAN issue?
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  • RSA_TechRSA_Tech Member Posts: 65
    It seems more likely that it's a high latency WAN issue. I've got their infrastructure folks looking deeper into the issue.

    I noticed disabling outlook did speed things up in starting the app.
  • sjc01234sjc01234 Member Posts: 11
    Really? Between Client and Server really isn't more important? What about clients over WAN that are at great distances? (international) How can you speed up the client?
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