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RSA_TechRSA_Tech Member Posts: 65
I've got a user that would like to sort the contact list page by City and\or state after applying a filter.

Where would this change need to be made in the dev environment?

She's after the type of sorting where you can click column header for example 'city' and have the filtered results on the list page rearrange from ascending to descending and back again.


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    TadasNAVTadasNAV Member Posts: 9

    there is no city/state fields in contacts list page. So she should add such fields under repeater section. Press F3 on the place she wants to isnert them, go view-> field menu, and select which she want to add
    those fields should appear on the running page and then she can sort by them. Also, if she needs to sort by 2 fields at the same time, she can shift+click their headers. IF she wants to ALWAYS she can change SORTING priorities in page properties (ALT + F4 on end of page(on empty field) -> SourceTableVIew).
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    RSA_TechRSA_Tech Member Posts: 65
    Clicking on the individual headers doesn't sort the list page in the RTC

    and I'm getting exception errors when trying to sort within the web client
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    JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    If sorting by clicking headers is not working, then that's a hole new subject. Because it should!
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