PO with more than 100 lines and "Totals or discounts may not be up-to-date" link

mtlmonkmtlmonk Member Posts: 48
edited 2017-03-28 in NAV Three Tier

Since NAV2015, there is a new feature that will not print the totals under the po line section when there is more than 100 lines.

A new link appears "Totals or discounts may not be up-to-date. Choose the link to update.".

But when you click on it, the total does indeed show but in a blink.

Anyone familiar with the issue? is there a fix to it?

Current version is NAV2016.


  • KishormKishorm Member Posts: 921
    Document totals is a fairly new thing and although it's nice for the user, there are performance considerations. Microsoft are aware of this which is why the totals are not calculated if there are more that 100 lines. This limit is hardcoded in Codeunit 57 in functions SalesCheckNumberOfLinesLimit and PurchaseCheckNumberOfLinesLimit and can be easily changed.
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