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I have about 300 new reports in my nav database and I need to write down the names of only those that are not ProcessingOnly. Do you know any smart way how to do this quick? Can I filter my new reports somehow? It'll take some time to check every single new report.
I'll appreciate any clues! :)

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    Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 308
    edited 2017-03-24
    I can't really think of a nice way to do this on the spot in 2009R2.
    Objects are stored as BLOB's so theres no fast easy way IMO.

    Maybe you can make something happen by exporting them as text and look for the layout part.
    However if I was in your position I would probably just go through them one by one.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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    norsenynorseny Member Posts: 19
    edited 2017-03-24
    Thanks, it seems great!
    I have one problem though, with the REPORT.DEFAULTLAYOUT(...) part - i'm using 2009r2 and I'm afraid that's the case - I cannot compile the object: "You have specified unknown variable DEFAULTLAYOUT". I think it's only possible to use this function in version >=2015, am I right?
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    TadasNAVTadasNAV Member Posts: 9
    Yes, you are right.
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    NavNabNavNab Member Posts: 181
    Hello norseny,

    you may like my blog post ;)
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    BernardJBernardJ Member Posts: 57
    In 2009R2 it is possible to export all reports in xml format. In the resulting xml document you can filter on the 'ProcessingOnly' element.
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    norsenynorseny Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for all the answers!
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