Server Principal Name (Delegation) configuration has been set incorrectly

cjaneycjaney Member Posts: 4
I am suddenly, after over a month of running without issues, getting this error when trying to connect to our server from my PC.
Server Principal Name (Delegation) configuration has been set incorrectly . Server connect URL: "net.tcp//capelnav2016:7046/DynamicsNAV90/Service" SPN Identity: "DynamicsNAV/capelnav2016:7046" A call to SSPI failed, see inner exception.

Our Dynamics server is loaded in AZURE. I connect in via CiscoAnyConnect VPN. Once connected to the VPN I can ping the capelnav2016 server. I can RDP to the capelnav2016 server. Other users inside our network can launch the RTC and connect, so the services are all running.

My client worked fine until yesterday at which point I suddenly began getting this error. I have turned off ALL firewalls, anti-virus etc. Have followed all leads on existing MSDN articles and such as far as I can. This has GOT to be something simple that I am missing but I have spent a day and half with un-installs, re-installs, reboots of local machine, reboots of server etc. NO LUCK.

If I change the connection to use the IP of the server the error message changes to "A server was not found at...Either the url is incorrect or the server is currently not available.



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    NCISDNCISD Member Posts: 4
    Have you checked to mAk3 sure the SPNs are set correctly? Search for a tool called httpcfg.exe. It makes the task easier to set or delete SPNs if I remember correctly.
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