Correct URL for opening a page in Tablet Client

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I'm trying to open a page in Dynamics NAV 2016 tablet client on iPad, calling it from an external hyperlink. What happens is this.

This is the URL: ms-dynamicsnav:///?page=11024009&mode=edit&filter='Nr.'%20IS%20'OG03667'
  1. When the Navision app is closed on the iPad, then I start the URL, it works as expected. Opening the page with the correct filter set.
  2. When the Navision app is already open in the background, the Navision app throws this error message:
    SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier 'Nr'. Expected ')' to end an argument list. (Restart)
When I click the Restart button, I need to re-enter my password, and then I still get taken to the correct page.

Do you have a clue what I can try?

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