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I pop into the Navision Newsgroup on occasionally, to see what's doin'. 8)
Lately Luc has been answering everything in site! =D>
Anyway, the way it is setup really makes me appreciate mibuso & mbsonline forums. \:D/ ... g=en&cr=US


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    Savatage wrote:
    Lately Luc has been answering everything in site! =D>

    Anyway, the way it is setup really makes me appreciate mibuso & mbsonline forums. \:D/
    That's too much credit for me. I cannot answer every question.

    It's not practical to follow the threads in the public Microsoft newsgroups using a webbrowser. You need a specialized newsreader (Agent, OutlookExpress) to have a good experience. And it's a pity Microsoft promotes the public Navision newsgroup as the place to give product feedback and suggestions for improvements.
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    Yes that is really too bad. It has happened quite a few times that I was writing down a solution when I noticed that it was a mere suggestion. I don't even visit the Microsoft newsgroup that often anymore.
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    Yes, I must agree, that the newsgroup are not so easy to watch...

    Why there is no info which posting is new from my last visit when I must login into the newsgroup to be able to answer? Is it so hard to add some engine to highlight new posts from my last visit???

    MIBUSO is much, MUCH better, you can see answers in seconds, you know immediately if there is answer of another user etc...

    And problem is, that many questions users posts into this newsgroup and into mibuso too - you know, that many answers on MS Newsgroup are only link to mibuso postings... :-)
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  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    If you use Outlook Express as your newsreader, it will keep track of all your read posts for you. Anything that you haven't read, or marked read, will be bold, so it's easy to see what you have missed.
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    You can always send your product feedback to me too guys.
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    another one is it takes forever for your post to appear - I usually like to re-read it to see i missed anything. also you can't go back & edit it if you find a typo or want to add something.

    what's with the SPAM posts or is it called phishing posts?

    seem to be more & more.
  • DenSterDenSter Member Posts: 8,304
    I just about stopped reading the public MS newsgroup because of all the 'suggestions' in there. It's a complete waste of time reading an extensive post and only realizing at the end that it is a suggestion for an improvement. I also noticed there is more and more spam in there.
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    I hope they don't start spamming in here. In this case I hope you give us a hand reporting it, so we can delete it ASAP.
    Regards,Alain Krikilion
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