The client version does not match the server version. Client version is blank. NAV2013 R2 RTM

wakestarwakestar Member Posts: 207
Hi all

Using NAV2013 R2 RTM.

I get the following error when I try to run an object from the dev. client:

The client version does not match the server version. You can only connect to a server with a matching version.

Client version:

Server version: 7.1.35473.0

What happens is that the Dev.-Client tries to start the RTC from NAV2017.
To avoid confusion: Yes, this is a Dev.-Server with NAV2013, NAV2013 R2, NAV2015, NAV2016 and 2017 clients installed

However.. in my case only NAV2013 R2 sucks. All other versions work.

I'm assuming that the client version is blank because it started the wrong RTC version (NAV2017).

So how can I force that NAV2013 R2 always starts the NAV2013 R2 RTC?

Best regards


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    HannesHolstHannesHolst Member Posts: 119
    As far as I remember, beginning with RTC, Microsoft started to do not recommend to have multiple NAV-versions on the same machine.
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    wakestarwakestar Member Posts: 207
    edited 2017-03-16
    In our case we have seperate servers for the NSTs (one for each NAV Version)
    It's just that we have the clients on one dev.-server. And this actually worked fine.... until I downgraded NAV2013 R2 from CU14 to RTM. The NAV 2013 R2 Dev.-Client now tries to start the NAV2017 RTC... which is wrong.

    So my question is: why do all other versions behave correctly?

    NAV2013 dev. starts NAV2013 RTC
    NAV2015 dev. starts NAV2015 RTC
    NAV2016 dev. starts NAV2016 RTC
    NAV2017 dev. starts NAV2017 RTC

    where does this magic come from?
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