Upgrade to 4.0 with Vision Pay

McCoyMcCoy Member Posts: 39
I am upgrading from 3.01 to 4.0 using Vision Pay - I am now converting data and get down to Task 11a step 2.5 in the HR addendum which is the Payroll conversion wizard - the wizard asks that I supply the location and name of the Method Step and Tax Class Form Import files. This is the first mention in any of the instructions of these files. The old version does not have an automatic export so I did create one but the format is not acceptable to the wizard - does anyone know where or how to get these files? ](*,) I am stuck. Thanks for any help.


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    mlubrickmlubrick Member Posts: 1
    The 'method step.txt' and 'Tax Form Class.txt' files should be located within the Upgrade Toolkit zip file for the 400 upgrade. More specifically, they should be in the zip file under Data Conversion Tools\301\

    Once the files are extracted, you can browse to them using Windows Explorer, and then enter that file address and name into the Wizard prompting field. (Copying the contents of the Address box in Explorer, you can paste that directly into the Navision field + the name.)
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