Is there any way I can debug Set Work date Page/Dialog/Code unit (Nav 2016)

I m getting Error when changing work date (Pick Date from Calendar). Error is "Date is not Valid'
However if I enter date manual it works good.

Tried to setup debug and code coverage no luck it's not finding it. Is there any other way I could debug the Set Work date (Page or Dialog box). to see where the error is or what code it's calling or any data related ?

Nav 2016 Cu 13 (No Custom in Code unit 1)
System Date format is MM/DD/YYYY


  • stevendias2000stevendias2000 Member Posts: 2
    Hello Expert..

    Any advice... is there a way I could debug change Workdate logic. (I'm getting "Invalid date error" when I change Workdate (selected from Date pick. Manuel works)

    This is happing on few clients. If I can debug I would know it's a code/data or setup issue.

    Thanks in advance.
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