Maninfest throws an error, when I try to add and run a control Add-in in Navision

HappyBeanHappyBean Member Posts: 3
Hello every one,
I am a new software developer and just started to learn Navision. I want to add a very simple add-in which will desplay hello world in page. I followed a guide from internet exacly as it is there, but, when I am trying to run my page, I get this error "The control add-in manifest is not valid (The control add-in manifest does not include a script).", even if my manifest is not empty,and it looks like this

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
$('#controlAddIn').append('Dummy, you did it');

I even tryed to make a separate script instead of hardcoding it in manifest, but got the same error as previous. I have created an extesibility control, deployed and used it as it requires. Looking forward to hear from you, any help would be nice. Thank you in advance
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