scan multiple barcodes in the same field on phone.aspx

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Hello there!
I hope I'll find a solution on mibuso :smile:

I have the following issue only on phone.aspx:
In a page, in a single field I need to scan a barcode and after that another barcode and after that another barcode and so on... without any other interaction of the user, only scan and scan...
In my scanner I have settings that send the CR+LF and send enter.
But in phone.aspx client, I can scan only the first barcode, the second barcode is not sent, remains blocked in the field...
It works ok only if I move the focus in other field/message and then I came back in my scanning field. For example, it works fine if: I scan and I send a message and user have to press ok, I scan againg and I press ok to the message and so on... But, I need to do scanning without messages!
I the tablet.aspc client it works fine, I scan and scan and scan...

Please help!!!
Any idea how can I do the scanning without move the focus from my field???
Any idea will be apreciated :smile:

Thank you!


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