Customized Gantt-Chart in NAV 2016

I'm looking for a possibility, to integrate a customized Gantt-Chart in NAV 2016.

I found the TimeLine Visualization, but this is not exactly what I'm looking for.

I need a way to create a customized Gantt-Chart with my own Data. The Chart should be displayed in a Page.
Has any of you experiences with a Gantt-Chart in NAV. It would be nice if Microsoft provides an Addin or something like that for creating a Gantt-Chart.

Thanks in advance!

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  • mrettlermrettler Posts: 17Member
    Ahh ok, ty. To bad, that there's no native way todo it. But I think i will go for the Google Charts. Never heard about them before, thanks for that!
  • jjamjjam Posts: 1Member
    edited 2018-12-25

    I know that this post is a bit ‘old’.
    I have a long time missed a Gant chart for Dynamics NAV to – Fine tool for production planning but missing a graphics Gantt chart.

    I have programed a simple tool that will show a Gant Chart. However there it is not possible to change the plan, this must be done through NAV.

    The object files and binary files can be downloaded from my site
    It is free, so pleas give me some feedback, so I can be improved.

    You can look in the object file to discover the way I managed the integration. (I admit not state of the art – but I will do the job)

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