Create a Certificate request for the END point of the soap web services

apapapap Member Posts: 67
Hi everybody,
In a project we are asked to expose SOAP web services to the internet (from an azure nav server)
So for the test environment we created a self extracted security certificate,we did the necessary steps (-import in certificates roots etc, pass the thumbprint in the nav server,,enabled the soap services,enable the ssl in soap tab,and soap publir url we passed the endpoint we have made,it is https://xxxxxxx.northeurope.cloudapp.azure.com/DynamicsNAV90/WS. Everything is working.
Now the customer is ready to go to production environment,and he has asked to create a Certificate request for the END point on the nav server , inb order for him to obtain the Cert from a 3rd party valid certificate provider and then it can be installed.
Do we need to do something?I thought tha nav can use any valid security certificate,should we do something?
Any help much appreciated
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