Job G/L Journal Unit Costs

KWevickKWevick Member Posts: 103
We have rarely used the Job G/L Journal before, but have a client who needs to now. This client is using Jobs to measure performance to budget, etc, but has no desire or need to accrue and has many expense accounts that they hit. We set up the Job Posting setup to just basically do a wash posting so the original G/L posting just passes thorugh.

The PROBLEM is, that the Job G/L Journal does not allow you to enter a unit cost, so you can't extend your costs using NAV. It will allow you to enter a total unit cost, then back into the Unit Cost. Needless to say, my client, who is new to NAV is not impressed. I did go back several releases, and it appears to have worked this way for a while. It also clears the Job number pretty often and makes you start again. There is not any documentation that explains this behavior. I'm assuming that we need to modify it to act nice. But would like some "Lessons learned from experience" stories. This seems a little bazaar to me.

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