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Good Day

We have migrated from Classic Client to RTC (2015) and of course the navigation has shifted from mainly keyboard-driven to point-and-click.

However, in our business we have areas processing large volumes of data daily in the areas of Inventory Manager, etc. - Mainly journals with Lot No. Tracking.

I have been asked to change the functionality (on Page 6500 - Item Tracking Specification) so that the selection of lot no's happens a little faster...meaning, double-click a lot no to select lot no. and return to Page 6510 - Item Tracking Lines without having to select the Lot No., and then click okay. I realize it seems like a small matter, but this would significantly improve processing speed. In other words: Simulate the action on the OK Button for Page 6500 by simply double-clicking the Lot No.

Does anyone have a viable solution / suggestion please? Any leads and pointers would be most welcome.

Thank You


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