Using Control-AddIn WebPageViewer in NAV 2016

LilithyanLilithyan Member Posts: 32
Hello all,

got a Problem with a Control-AddIn that has me rather baffled. In NAV 2017 you have a new one called WebPageViewer. NAV uses this to give you a preview show (in page 9700, Email Dialog) of the email body if you defined a word document to be a Body for a report. When selected in NAV 2017 the AddIn created 4 Events.

ControlAddInReady(callbackUrl : Text)
Callback(data : Text)
Refresh(CallbackUrl : Text)

So I'd really like to use the AddIn in NAV 2016. I've taken the Folder WebPageViewer from the NAV 2017 Service Add-ins, copied it to the NAV 2016 NAV Service Add-ins, added the AddIn into the Control Add-ins Page and imported the zip-Folder. The Service has also been stopped and started a few times.

But when then selecting the Control-AddIn, NAV will not create the above mentioned events. And if I just Export the page 9700 from NAV 2017 and Import it into NAV 2016 I get the compiling error that the type cannot be loaded.

Any ideas what I'm missing or duing wrong? Would perhaps the PublicKeyToken be different from NAV 2016 to NAV 2017? Or is the whole Thing just not compatible with NAV 2016?




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