NAV 2016 For Czech Republic

njwardnjward Member Posts: 38
We will shortly be starting a project to implement NAV 2016 in our Czech Republic office. Can anybody offer any advice on localisation requirements? I would be interested to hear from anybody running NAV 2016 in CZ for advice on this.


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    KeptyKepty Member Posts: 54
    It depends on what your office needs (receiving cash, invoices, ...). What do you mean with localization requirements?
    Tomáš Kapitán
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    geordiegeordie Member Posts: 655
    edited 2017-02-22
    You should contact CDL.System, who developed the Czech localization for NAV, see here.
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    acyvasacyvas Member Posts: 4

    We used Smartset CZ localization implemented by Slovak ISV called WBI.
    I recommend to check with unicorn http://nav.unicornsystems.eu/en/product/business-plus_en.html. They claim to have localization more friendly to CZ legislation requirements. You would get faster support in this case.
    Anyway you need to buy some localization solution, because accounting requirements are really specific in CZ and SK region.

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