Question about Oauth for Dynamics NAV 2016 web services

apapapap Member Posts: 67
Hi everyone,
we are implementing a solution for a customer that part of it is to publish nav web services with oauth authentication in order another customer's software vendor to consume it for processing to other systems.
So the customer (he is the administrator of azure portal) provide us the following info:

Object ID = ...
Application\Client ID = ...
Secret = ...
Token Endpoint = ...
appliation URI = ...

We configured the nav server to pass the azure app id uri,the certificate, and all other configuration needed.

We provided also the original url of the web service: PS DEV TEST/Codeunit/Integration_Service

and then also we provided the tutorials from microsoft how they can consume with oauth a nav web service.
They have come back and asking for a single url for their test.

Is it possible somebody to tell us how we can construct the single url for accessing the web service?
Kind regards
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