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I've a problem with MenuSuite design. Let say we are developing a small add-on. In this addon we included a new Menusuite ID 1059. Additionaly we have another add-on installed - MenuSuite ID 1060, and a partner menu ID 1080. It looks like this:

1010 Dept - MBS
1059 Dept - Our Add-On
1060 Dept - External Add-On
1080 Partner Menu

Somehow the inheritation is not working. The initial menu was inherited from 1059 to 1060 and 1080. But now, when I change something in the menu 1059 it's not inherited anymore. Even if I only change the caption of some menu item, menu 1060 and 1080 are still showing the old version of menu 1059. I tried to compile all Menusuites but it doesn't help. Is there any way to update all menus at lower lever?


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    If you are not VERY careful in editing a MenuSuite you easily end up copying entries from a lower numbered object into a higher numbered one. That entry, from then on, masks at least part of the properties of the lower one.
    There is no way to spot these rogue entries from the MenuSuite designer, and no way to remove these entries from those objects. The only way I know of is to edit the text exports, a task which is very tedious and error prone.

    There is a tool in Mibuso Downloads: MenuSuite Analyser v1.03 (NAV).
    If you can get this to run and analyze your text exports (it needs some tweaking), this may help you to spot the rogue entries. It will not help you to fix the issue directly, but give you the information, what you should delete from what MenuSuite object. Be careful, though: first create backups.
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