UK localization bank statement import - possibilities

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We have a UK customer using Xero today, which we are moving to NAV.
In Xero they have a function that can import bankstatements through what seems to be a webservice bank Natwest.

In NAV we do not have that functionality in standard, we need a CSV file from bank right?
Can AMC Banking or Continia Payment Management do the import like described above?

Thank you.


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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    You did not say what version it is so I will assume it is NAV 2015 or later.

    You can use "Data exchange definition" to create the file templates, so no need to use CSV.
    In NAV 2017 see
    CRONUS UK Ltd./Departments/Administration/Application Setup/General/Data Exchange Definitions

    The same things exist in NAV 2016 and NAV 2015 but it has slightly different name.
    Have a look at this link

    or this video
    I hope this helps.
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    MaWMaW Member Posts: 74
    Thank you for that, seems like a misunderstanding on our part about settle/reconciliation/just import. Your post cleared things out.
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