Page with Filter Section on Subpage with Lines show Card

DanielFDanielF Member Posts: 21
Hi there,

is there a way that I can open corresponding Card Page from a Subpage with filtered Lines?

To that point Navision returns always the first reord of the filtered Lines. Not the Line selected by the User.

Thanks in advance.


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    SowkarthikaSowkarthika Member Posts: 102

    Can you share how you called card page from subpage ? Did you use RunObject Property or used PAGE.RUN / PAGE.RUNMODAL ?
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    zohaibu95@hotmail.comzohaibu95@hotmail.com Member Posts: 223
    Yeah you can. If you want to open the card page, all you need is to
    - create the PAGE object (variable say MyPage) you want to open
    - Call the function SETRECORD like MyPage.SETRECORD(YOUR_REC_VAR)
    where YOUR_REC_VAR variable is record of your page table.
    - Call PAGE.RUN;

    you will have the card page with filtered record.

    Here I'm assuming that, you have already have a correct working document page, in which you have defined the Subpage Link.


    If my answers, help you please verify my answers. Thanks
    Best Regards
    Zohaib Ahmed
    Dynamics NAV ERP Technical Consultant.

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    DanielFDanielF Member Posts: 21

    problem is, that I can not set SubPageLink from Document Page to Sub Page because on Document Page I can not set Table relation.
    So when accessing SubPage via Control from CurrPage of Document Page the record returned by the filtered Subpage is always the first record not the selected.
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