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DigitPDigitP Member Posts: 38
The problem : I have a Global variable set with type option and Value A,B
now i want to use the outcome of the selection as a mean to hide a Group
in the property of the group (visible) i used this variable = variable::"A"
it does not give me an error with the save but at runtime it throws an error
'The option identifier 'Label::"A" is not valid' what am i doing wrong?

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    BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    you cannot change the visibility of controls in an already opened request page...there's no way around: just use editable/enabled: you need to declare a boolean variable (set its property includeindataset=true), evaluate it like this
    "myboolean := (myoptionvariable = myoptionvariable::A);"
    in the onopenpage and the onvalidate-youroptioncontrol triggers, then set editable or enabled property of the controls you want with your boolean variable
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    DigitPDigitP Member Posts: 38
    Hi Belias, Thnx going to try it i will let you know.
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