How to specify a function to call in a Codeunit from a page action

jsl_dkjsl_dk Member Posts: 24
Its easy to call a Codeunit from a pageaction. But I can´t seem to figure out How to call a specific function inside the codeunit?

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    jsl_dkjsl_dk Member Posts: 24
    Hi, that make sense. - How do you create the "<Action10000000007> - Onaction()" Event ?
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    zohaibu95@hotmail.comzohaibu95@hotmail.com Member Posts: 223
    @jsl_dk you have to
    -open page action.
    -open action menu
    -define action container (as shown by @rehansatti )
    -define action menu and indent under action container (as shown by @rehansatti )
    -press f9 and you will have the action event.

    you can write code in that.

    Please verify my answer if it solves your problem.
    Best Regards
    Zohaib Ahmed
    Dynamics NAV ERP Technical Consultant.

    please like / agree / verify my answer, if it was helpful for you. thanks.
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