how to batch email invoices?

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I would like to know how I to send a group of invoices (posted or when "Post batch") by email at a time/batch, I mean, not one by one. Imagine I post 200 invoices and I don't want to send them one by one by email, each one to its respective client/email.
I've configured the Document sending profile for customer cards. When I select several posted invoices and click on Send, it sends only the last selected invoice. The same result when I try with "Sales Invocices" and "Post and send". Post batch post the invoices but doen't send anything, so....

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    rehansattirehansatti Member Posts: 36
    Hi @Ramonchu,
    You can email Customer Statement in a batch. In case of "Posted sales invoice", "Posted Cr.Memo" & "Posted Issue Reminders" you need customized functionality. I have implemented this functionality recently for a customer in NAV 2016.
    see the screen shorts. In costume implementation even you can modify email body Subject and a default body can also be generated and email to customers.
    If you need further help. You are welcome.bujbxo761e16.png
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    Rehan Satti
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Consultant
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