ridz_robbin - you've been busy!

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@ridz_robbin - only joined this morning but I see you've been quite busy as you've already given...

13 Insightfuls
9 Agrees
17 Awesomes

...and all to 1 person!!!


  • RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,138
  • zaidtariqzaidtariq PakistanMember Posts: 52
    Woo, Congratulations.
    Best Regards:
    Zaid Tariq
    Dynamics NAV/365 BC Developer at Dynamics 360

    please like / agree / verify my answer, if was helpful.
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    Keep up the good work
    Best Regards
    Rehan Satti
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Consultant
    Please verify the answer if it satisfy your question. This will help other members of community.
  • KishormKishorm UKMember Posts: 921
    This is a joke!!! ridz_robbin is continuing to mark this one person's posts as insightful/like/agree/awesome - even very basic posts like one which just says "oh I see".

    There's other examples as well like when they've just repeated someone else's answer they are getting marked up by ridz.

    Look at the badges earned this week (in the Activity section) and you may just guess who the "lucky" person is. Surely these fake likes etc... are an abuse of the system. Most of the contributors on this forum work hard over a long period to achieve their place on the leaderboard - it's a shame that someone feels the need to cheat to work their way up. :#
  • ridz_robbinridz_robbin Member Posts: 3
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    hey @Kishorm please stop talking about me and my likes. I am Dynamics NAV Specialist and recently i have joined this forum and i like the posts of different members because i like the way they have answered. I don't think so you should have any problem if i am liking anyone's comment. Remember its my right to like or dislike.
    I like everyone's post who solve or try to solve others problem or issue. So please for me all are equal.

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