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We have a client that has a particular Fixed asset that they continue to add to. In other words, they post acquisitions to this asset as they upgrade it and so on. It would seem that when they do this, and run the calculate depreciation function, the system is only calculating depreciation from the last acquisition cost date, thus posting incorrect depreciation values.

Example: 10/12/16 - Acquisition for R10 000.
15/12/16 - Acquisition of R5000
20/12/16 - Acquisition of R 10000

When you run the calculate depreciation for 31/12/16, it only calculates for 11 days, using the last acquisition date and calculating depreciation on that value only.

Is there a way around this, so that it calculates correctly?

Also, if you run the depreciation calculation for December and it calculates it at 11 days, can you run it again forcing the days to 30, so it picks up the difference or do we have to reverse all those entries and re-calculate?

They are using NAV 2015.



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    I would recommend one of the 2 possibilities:

    1) Post this automatically calculated depreciation for 11 days and then manually calculate and post the rest of depreciation (10 days on the first acquisition amount and 5 days on the second)

    2) Delete this suggested depreciation amount and then manually calculate and post total depreciation (for all of the acquisitions: 21 days for the first, 16 days for the second and 11 days for the third acq. amount).

    After this, the system will continue to calculate depreciation correctly.
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    There is a field called 'Depr. until FA Posting Date' that's available on Purchase Lines and Journal Lines.
    Tick this field when you add the additional acquisition cost.
    When you post the additional acquisition cost, system will also calculate and post the depreciation for the period up to the new acquisition posting date.

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