Webservice of Codeunit makes NAV server stop

lovechaelovechae Member Posts: 2
I would like to make external program to simulate 'Production Journal' and Posting in 'Released Production Order' because its process has too much complex User interface to make users' mistake.

Codeunit 5510 'Production Journal Mgt' has major functions for the first step. It is registered as a web service and test it with web browser.
Whenever the C# Program or web browser accesses this web service(Codeunit 5510), NAV server stops. I tried to copy it to another new codeunit. it has same error.

Does anyone have idea?


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  • HannesHolstHannesHolst Member Posts: 119

    You can check the "Event Viewer" to resolve errors, in the case the Service crashes.
  • zohaibu95@hotmail.comzohaibu95@hotmail.com Member Posts: 223
    Check Windows Event viewer to find out the actual reason or paste the error here which is shown by windows event viewer.
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